Sarallah Rezazadeh


Postdoc Associate

Genetics and Development

Columbia University Medical Center


I graduated from Kharazmi University of Tehran, having studied Cellular and Molecular Biology. Then, I joined Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, to obtain my MSc degree in genetics working on genomic instability in Drosophila melanogaster caused by retreoelements. Later on, I worked in Booali Medical Laboratory, Qom, as co-director of research division with focus on viral diseases. As a graduate student in University of Rochester, I dealt with transcriptional response to stress mediated by activation of SIRT6. During my graduate years in Rochester I developed interest in neurobiology. Given that most of our knowledge of the world and most of our skills are not innate, but learned. And given that what we learn and remember are stored as synaptic connections in the neuronal networks of our brain, not surprisingly, mis-regulation of the mechanisms of synaptic architecture due to transcriptional or translational programs could lead to brain dysfunction. In the Gennarino Lab, my goal is to understand the molecular machinery responsible for establishment and maintenance of neuronal networks with focus on cerebral cortex, a region in the brain which is thought to underlie the higher cognitive abilities of humans.